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In today’s fast paced world IT is among the fastest growing career options. Not only career but at every step the importance of computer is felt. Be it shopping, medical help, ticketing or paying bills knowledge of computers is an essential in today’s life.

We at 5 Star Computer Training provide you with training and guidance to help you develop the basic skills in computer.

Concerned about the fact that many are missing out on opportunities we work to provide computer training for people of all ages.

If you are interested in learning the basics or sharpening your IT skills 5 Star Computer Training offers plenty of options to choose from.


We Are Ready to Help


You can trust us to train you well with your IT skills. We have expert trainers to train a variety of students with appropriate computer skills. No matter if you are

•             A fresher

•             Looking for a refresher course

•             Looking forward to sharpening your skills

•             Trying to update your IT skills

•             Looking forward to an advance course

When you enrol with us we guarantee to provide you with the highest quality support, great training, hands on experience and authentic credentials.

We design our courses in such a way that special focus is always maintained to ensure easy learning.

Our friendly staff will always be by your side in every step to make you feel comfortable.


Unleash Your Potential


Take the first step towards computer literacy and unleash your potential. We offer you courses which will help you take your first move towards computer education and build a strong base.

With our training programmes your fundamentals of computer will become strong and will help you choose from a variety of careers in future. Explore the interesting world of computers with us and there will be no looking back.


What We Offer at Entry Level


We include all the key programmes of Windows operating system in our training along with others like


•             Microsoft word

•             Microsoft Office Excel

•             Access

•             Power Point

•             Publisher

•             Usage of Internet

•             Keyboard skills


This program is good for preparing students for employment in a range of entry level positions in their career. It also ensures basic knowledge for computer usage for people who want to use a computer for routine tasks like sending emails, shopping and paying bills.

Hands on experience, not only enhances skills but also builds up confidence. This is one of the quickest and simplest ways to get acquainted with the basic IT skills and usages of the internet.

Learning computer basics with us is very easy. You will surely become an expert within no time. The 5 Star Computer Training programmes are essentially designed for students, executives, working professionals as well as elders. If you are interested in learning computers our courses are meant for you.


Why Waste Time?



 Time is precious and it is ticking away. If you do not want to be left out and are really interested in learning computer basics feel free to contact us. If you are looking for advanced courses and have any queries please drop in a word and we will get back to you soon.


I considered myself to be an ‘old-fashioned lady’ who enjoyed jigsaw puzzles and writing hand written letters. My husband encouraged me to learn basics of computer. I enrolled myself with 5 Star Computer Training for a beginner’s course. Now I can write emails, shop online and use spreadsheets to help my husband.
Megan Willis


Over the years thousands of students have benefited from our courses. Some stopped by to share their experience.

At the beginning I found using the computer quite annoying. Help from 5 Star Computer Training proved to be one of the best things that happened to me. Now I have a job of as content writer. Thanks to my trainer!
Zoe Lambert

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